left to right, Alex (owner), Danielle Reich (vocals), Dr. Jack Griffin aka BoBo (keys), Jeannette Sutherland (drums), Ponder East (tenor sax), Chris Jones (bass)

in April of 2014, i subbed at Takara Sushi & Asian Bistro in Cedar Park. the next month they asked me to sub again, and then again in June…by the end of July, i was asked to be the regular Saturday horn player. the regular Friday horn player is typically Eundo Park, trumpet and vocals.

due to the consistency of the band and number of gigs i’ve logged with them, well over a hundred by now, i’ve had the opportunity to grow and develop my personal style and deepen my musicianship over the years.

the Saturday band is Dr. Jack Griffin (aka ‘Bobo’) on piano, Jeanette Sutherland on drums, Chris Jones on bass, and myself on tenor saxophone. we have several vocalists who sing with us: Danielle Reich, Lisa Clark, Candy DeClue, Alison Wedding, Cicely Jones, Dan McMurrough, and more.

Check us out here

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