notes from the observatory

“Do Like Lou” from the album One For Grant, by The Lucky So and So’s

Wisdom Generation

It’s been years since I posted anything on my blog, but that’s not because I haven’t been learning, studying, and living. I guess the blog bug wasn’t biting. No. That’s not the whole picture. I haven’t posted partially out of fear of having nothing worth saying – no insight rich enough, or deep enough, or … Continue reading Wisdom Generation

the difference between nice and kind, plus truth and trustworthiness

I realized again, more than ever before, the difference between being nice and being kind. For the past few weeks, a man sought me out at my school to inquire about the possibility of working with our students on the topic of jazz improvisation. He talked the talk, as the saying goes. He said several … Continue reading the difference between nice and kind, plus truth and trustworthiness

a call went out

oh great expanse ever still and ever moving stretching far, small as dust hear my call ——————————– to be one with the silence to be one with the shape and the color ——————————– to be reminded of the size of nothing and everything holding tight to the infinity giving up the finite ——————————– is an … Continue reading a call went out

the shores of now

        and there came to be a man living in a child’s body, full of potential and without direction. blown as the wind would blow, thrown as the spray of surf ‘gainst the rocks of Time. the desire was hidden; concealed. without it, he would have died, this man-child, but know of … Continue reading the shores of now