shane pitsch

Set Your Standards Higher, from the album Movin’ On by Shane Pitsch and the Smokestack Revue

Dr. Shane Pitsch—the man, the myth, the legend—my constant buddy and fellow horn man since 2002

Shane has helped me grow into the musician and person i am today. without his support and friendship, i would not be as successful in my life as i am. and, on top of that, he’s kind, generous, loyal, funny, and wise. he was co-founder on the Austin Jazz Project, our summer jazz camp that we ran for 13 years. we’ve played more gigs with each other than with just about anybody else, though he’s got even more gigs under his belt than i do. he holds a DMA in Jazz Studies from the University of Champaign-Urbana. trumpeter, vocalist, composer, arranger, band leader, master improviser, runner, and dog lover – Shane is a man of many talents. 

buy Shane’s album, Movin’ On, by clicking here.

Movin' On

Shane and Ponder, Utopia Fest, Utopia, TX, 2012

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