east ward junction

friday, march 4th, 2022, 7:30pm – at Monks

thursday, april 28, 2022, 9:00pm – at The Elephant Room

more about the band…

the band, co-lead by Ponder East (tenor sax) and Andre Hayward (trombone), features music from the Hal Crook & Jerry Bergonzi album Conjunction, plus more Bergonzi originals, the Dexter Gordon albums Doin’ Allright, Go!, Gettin’ Around, and A Swingin’ Affair, with a touch of Barry Harris too.

  • “Conjunction” by Bergonzi (on the Crook & Bergonzi album Conjunction)
  • “Red’s Blues” by Bergonzi (Conjunction)
  • “Geraldine” by Bergonzi (Conjunction)
  • “Conclusive Evidence” by Jerry Bergonzi (Etc. Plus One)
  • “Con Brio” by Bergonzi (Now and Then)
  • “Dexter” by Bergonzi (on the Joey Calderazzo album To Know One)
  • “Bob Berg” by Bergonzi (Tenor of the Times)
  • “For Regulars Only” by Dexter Gordon (Doin’ Allright)
  • “I Was Doin’ Alright” by Gerorge Gershwin (Doin’ Allright)
  • “Society Red” by Gordon (Doin’ Allright)
  • “You’ve Changed” by Carl Fischer (Doin’ Allright)
  • “Manha De Carnaval” by Luis Bonfa (Gettin’ Around, arr. by Harris)
  • “McSplivens” by Gordon (A Swingin’ Affair)
  • “The Backbone” by Gordon (A Swingin’ Affair)
  • “Cheesecake” by Gordon (Go!)
  • “Nascimento” by Barry Harris (Bird of Red and Gold)
  • “New Country” by Ponder East