welcome to the play page! here, you’ll find several audio and video tracks that focus on the 2019 TMEA All-State Jazz Audition Etudes. they are grouped by instrument, with content being added every few days.

warm up

these warm-up pages are a good way to get your ear really oriented in the overall key of a given relative major and minor sound. these are all in Concert Bb Major/G minor. once you learn them, memorize them for mastery. then you can apply them to the other eleven sounds. Eb instruments (alto,bari sax) … Continue reading warm up

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alto sax – improvisation 2018-2019 in this improvisation track i’m focusing on the Region Improv. this is a Bb blues, using the iReal Pro play-along track. my goal was to improvise two choruses of contrasting style or approach. the first chorus is oriented to the minor blues scale, with a nod to the blues phrasing of … Continue reading sax

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trumpet – etudes – 2018-2019 this practice-with-me track for TRUMPET covers 2019 TMEA Jazz Trumpet Etude 1. the tempo is quarter note=135. keep in mind that my sax sounds an octave lower than trumpet! this practice-with-me track for TRUMPET covers 2019 TMEA Jazz Trumpet Etude 2. the tempo is quarter note=69. i’m playing it on tenor sax so … Continue reading trumpet

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tenor trombone – etudes – 2018-2019 this demonstration and practice-with-me track is for TMEA 2019 Jazz Tenor Trombone Etude 1, mm. 1-4. the focus is on hearing the chord or arpeggios for the C Major7 and E7 chords in the first 4 measures. after playing the arpeggios, i play the chunk of the etude for … Continue reading trombone

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rhythm section

piano, bass, and drums…coming soon! guitar – etude 1 – 2018-2019 this is a practice-with-me track of all of 2019 TMEA All-State Jazz Guitar Etude 1, bpm=130. played on tenor saxophone using the iReal Pro app. mixed with GarageBand. here’s a practice-with-me track of all of 2019 TMEA All-State Jazz Guitar Etude 1, bpm=152. played on tenor … Continue reading rhythm section

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