my bands

my three main gigs

bon annee & j’aibeaux

in April of 2014, i subbed at┬áTakara Sushi & Asian Bistro in Cedar Park. the next month they asked me to sub again, and then again in June…by the end of July, i was asked to be the regular Saturday horn player. the regular Friday horn player is typically Eundo Park, trumpet and vocals. due … Continue reading bon annee & j’aibeaux

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the gladiators big band

i joined band leader Travis Woodard in November of 2016 to become a member of the group. i love playing big band music and with frontman George Devore handling the vocals, it’s always a fun gig. see us on Facebook    

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smokestack horns

in 2010, Shane Pitsch formed Shane Pitsch and the Smokestack Revue, and in addition to the work we do as a single band, we also work with various other bands as sidemen. some of the most fun I ever have playing music happens with Shane and Ralo, due to their impeccable musicianship and easy-going attitude. … Continue reading smokestack horns

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