Nothing Better Under the Sun

There is nothing better under the sun than hearing my son laugh and giggle. We visited the Austin Zoo today, the first time for all present, me, Cristine, Michaeloha, and Kydan. Yes, a bit hot, but it was worth it. We rounded the corner from the first few animals, Prairie Dogs, Cockatoos, and Genets and came up to the various monkey houses. Ok, they’re cages too. [Frustrating part of zoo life, is that while educational and exciting, it’s also sad and stark.] The Ring-Tailed Lemurs are what got Kydan going the first time. First Michaeloha enticed them out with his ever-present charisma(!) and then the one Kydan could see ran back and forth from side to side on this long branch. He started giggling right away and kept on laughing for a long time. Pointing and smiling and babbling. Our dogs and kitties don’t move like that! Mmm….remembering his bright face and smile now makes my whole body relax and take a more full breath. Later, it was the rather large goats in the petting corral area. They have very flexible lips, almost prehensile, and when I fed that goat a bit of food, Kydan got to cracking up again. Ahh, it was hot today at the zoo but there is nothing better under the sun….




All photographs used by permission [Cristine East Copyright 2012]